The easiest way to organize a remote gift exchange party

You already have enough to worry about at the end of the year, don’t let your holiday party be one of them.

Schedule a remote gift exchange with a virtual:


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HOW it works




Pick a date and let us know how many people you expect.

Once you’ve paid, we’ll take care of the rest. Share the order link with your team, and our magic Elf Bots will take care of organizing the party and buying gifts.

Grab your team and let them place their orders.

Once you’ve started a party, we’ll give you a personalized order link to share with your team or drop it in Slack. Once your teammates leave their address, we’ll send it to the North Pole so Santa and his reindeer can drop off the gift.

Deliveries will be coordinated for everyone, by magic.

Our Elf Bots have placed your orders and sent a party invite. All you need to do is show up. Everyone who fills out the link will get an invite with a link to join the party. On party day, join the video chat and enjoy!


Event Fee



Per person

(Excluding food)





Total Cost

The easy button for remote holiday parties.

Remote events are challenging when

they add more work to your plate than take away. You have to constantly remind your team to do things beforehand, worry about whether your group will enjoy it, and have 1000 different invoices to submit.

But when you use Pizzatime, you’ll see

you won’t spend more than 5 minutes planning. Our live hosts make the event fun, our support team is there to help, and you only have one invoice to handle at year-end.


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for our event today, I can't imagine how you guys make it all happen! Our team members were so impressed with the idea and how cool it was we could all eat pizza together from our own homes!"

Lydia, Sr. HR Manager

Have questions?


You probably have a lot of questions. That’s too bad because we decided we only wanted to answer some of them. Cross your fingers and hope we answered yours?

What are the gifts?

The gifts are a combination of gift cards, tech gadgets, tech accessories, everyday items, and more! It’s all stuff you actually want (not gag gifts).

Where do you get the gifts from?

The North Pole (of course).

How much are the gifts worth?

We guarantee a $20 value for each gift.

What if there’s a gift I don’t like?

Don’t worry! We send you a list of gifts beforehand to remove any that you don’t think fit the mold.

Can I provide my own gifts?

Yes, but we won’t handle any of the purchasing and shipping.

Who facilitates the exchange of gifts?

We provide you with a live host.

What countries are available?

Remote Gift Exchange is only available within the United States and Canada right now. If you have an international team, please email us for options.