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Wash down the greasy goodness with a pop, juice, or water.



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Individuals tell us what they want and where to deliver it.


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We send food from local restaurants to everyone's doorstep.


Catering remote meetings is tough, but just because your co-workers and customers are remote doesn’t mean you can’t give them something special. The question is, what? Most suggestions online are overdone or too time intensive. 

That’s why we created Lunch by Pizzatime—to take all the logistical and mental burden out of creating a unique experience for remote teams and virtual events.

Our Lunch menu gives attendees the option between a pizza, burger, or salad.

Companies use Lunch for virtual team-building activities, virtual corporate events, virtual lunch and learns, or even as a virtual recognition idea. The possibilities are endless. From greasy to green, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are available for food?

We can deliver anywhere delivery service is available within the US and Canada.

Within Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands, we are able to deliver in limited quantities to most major cities.

Within Europe and Asia, we are able to deliver in most countries to most major cities, with some exceptions noted below.

We cannot deliver to China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Belarus, Russia, Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine.

What if I have strict dietary restrictions?

No problem at all! All guests are given the opportunity to let us know their dietary restrictions, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

What portions can I expect?

You can expect enough to satisfy one individual. Note that you can upgrade portions with specific services for an additional cost.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, a credit card is the preferred method of payment.

Can I have food delivered in 2 or more groups at different times?

While we do not offer this as a standard option, we are happy to accommodate these requests for an additional fee, depending on the number of different delivery times.

Please reach out to our team at so we can provide a quote for the added costs.

What happens when you can’t deliver to a guest?

If any of your event attendees are outside our delivery zones, we will reach out to them before the event.

For guests in undeliverable zones within the US, we will provide a Visa gift card of equivalent value before the event. We will include these guests on the invoice. If you prefer not to send gift cards and exclude them from the final invoice, just let us know before the event.

How much notice do you need for an event?

We can accept new event bookings up to 25 hours before the event. But, don’t forget you need to invite all of your guests! We recommend booking your event at least 2 days in advance. If your event is large (200+), we recommend booking 5 days in advance.

We accept guest orders up to 24 hours before the event. While we do our best to fulfill late orders that come in 12–24 hours before the event, we cannot guarantee late orders will be completed.

How many people can I have at my party?

We can accommodate orders of all sizes. The planning fee increases for groups of over 100 guests, which we will reflect during the checkout process.


Canceling equals a bunch of hungry people. Well, in case you do, here's what you can expect:

100% Refund
> 25 hours in advance
0% Refund
Within 24 hours of the event
$250 Minimum Order
Lunch x 10
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(Minimum $250)
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It's the ultimate icebreaker for any event/meeting! Anytime we have pizzatime, the first 10 minutes is showing off the pizzas/coffees/burgers we received.
Mary V
Director of Client Experience
Our team changed from being in the office to working from home permanently through the pandemic. So Pizzatime gives our team a reason to gather and have social time. We also use Pizzatime to get together for milestone celebrations. Everyone loves pizza, right!?!
Angela T
CL Underwriting Team Lead
Grange Insurance
It arrives at the time of the event, so everyone is sharing the same experience at the same time.
Mariuxi T
Field marketing specialist
It takes away the huge time consumption it normally would take if I had to place orders for everyone manually or if I had to send them all gift cards and expense everything, one by one.
Madison G
Executive Assistant
Pizza and coffee are everyone's love language and a great way to treat your employees, teams, or friends. Plus, Pizzatime makes the entire process SO easy! I couldn't recommend them enough!
Kim K
Administrative Assistant
General Mills
The best option to use when planning a virtual lunch for teams across multiple sites and locations.
Sherry S
Administrative Assistant
Capital One
A convenient way to order pizza for a group and save time. It’s great for virtual lunch and happy hour meetings with entertainment.
Loubna S
Executive Assistant

Meaningful Experiences to Bring Teams Together

Add food, drinks, and unique experiences to your team building events, brainstorming sessions, sales demos, or even virtual conferences with us. We'll take care of the rest.

It takes away the huge time consumption it normally would take if I had to place orders for everyone manually or if I had to send them all gift cards and expense everything, one by one.

Madison G
Executive Assistant

Food & Drink for Every Occasion

Morning meetings, lunch, or virtual happy hours—our menu covers all the classics.