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Bring your remote team together and boost morale with food, drinks, and virtual experiences.

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Virtual events in 3 easy steps.

Add food, drinks, and unique experiences to your team building events, brainstorming sessions, sales demos, or even virtual conferences.

Select food & drink, an experience, or both.
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We take care of the rest. Show up and enjoy!

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meals catered to thousands of companies across the globe

and thousands of other leading companies
Our team changed from being in the office to working from home permanently through the pandemic. So Pizzatime gives our team a reason to gather and have social time. We also use Pizzatime to get together for milestone celebrations. Everyone loves pizza, right!?!
Angela T
CL Underwriting Team Lead
Grange Insurance
It arrives at the time of the event, so everyone is sharing the same experience at the same time.
Mariuxi T
Field marketing specialist
It takes away the huge time consumption it normally would take if I had to place orders for everyone manually or if I had to send them all gift cards and expense everything, one by one.
Madison G
Executive Assistant
Pizza and coffee are everyone's love language and a great way to treat your employees, teams, or friends. Plus, Pizzatime makes the entire process SO easy! I couldn't recommend them enough!
Kim K
Administrative Assistant
General Mills
The best option to use when planning a virtual lunch for teams across multiple sites and locations.
Sherry S
Administrative Assistant
Capital One
A convenient way to order pizza for a group and save time. It’s great for virtual lunch and happy hour meetings with entertainment.
Loubna S
Executive Assistant

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Remote meetings are boring. Stimulate your team with a unique experience.

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