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The 20 Best Virtual Trivia Games for Zoom Teams in 2022

September 9, 2022

Research has found that playing games as a team can boost cooperation, performance, and engagement. Whether you're looking to give your team a reward for a job well done or you want to find a way to get them to put their thinking caps on, it's hard to go wrong with a good game of trivia. Are you wondering what virtual trivia games you can play through Zoom? Let's take a look at twenty of the best options.

The Coronavirus pandemic impacted every part of our lives, but one of the most notable shifts for many people was moving our work from the office into our homes. While there were plenty of distributed companies before the pandemic, companies around the world that normally operated from a physical space had to transition to a system of remote work.

One of the problems presented by the work-from-home model is that it can leave team members feeling socially isolated. When there isn't the opportunity to chat around the water cooler (or kombucha kegs, etc.), it's a lot more difficult to foster community.

Research has found that playing games as a team can boost cooperation, performance, and engagement. Whether you're looking to give your team a reward for a job well done or you want to find a way to get them to put their thinking caps on, it's hard to go wrong with a good game of trivia.

Are you wondering what virtual trivia games you can play through Zoom? Let's take a look at twenty of the best options.

1. Trivia By the Decades

The world sure has changed a lot since the 1950s, and Trivia By the Decades lets you and your team exhibit your knowledge about the events and trends of each decade beginning in the second half of the 20th century.

Not only is Trivia By the Decades a blast from the past, but it can help stir up fascinating conversations about the evolution of technology, culture, business, and more over the last seventy years.

2. Jeopardy Night

The days of lying on your grandma's couch and shouting "questions" at a 13" cube TV while an incompetent contestant flounders are totally over. Now, you and your team can be the contestants in a digital twist of the classic game show.

Usually taking around 45 minutes, this trivia game covers a range of diversity-focused topics, including Women's history and Black history.

3. Virtual Trivia Championship

Another basic online Zoom trivia game for you and your team is Virtual Trivia Championship. Specifically designed to help your team bond even though they're many miles away from one another, this is a fun way for everyone to test their knowledge and scratch their competitive itch.

4. Intern Trivia

If you're looking for a little something to help your new teammates get to know each other, consider trying out Intern Trivia for Onboarding. While it might not be as fun as your local bar trivia night, this can be a great way to make the onboarding process more fun and lighthearted.

5. Zoom Coworker Feud Trivia

Are you searching for a trivia game that will help boost employee engagement and satisfaction? Zoom Coworker Feud Trivia is a multi-round trivia game that is specifically designed to do exactly that.

In this game, your teams are pitted against one another in order to guess the most popular answer to a set of questions. At the end of the experience, the team with the most points is the winner.

6. Live Trivia With PizzaTime

Organizing a live trivia event with your team isn't the simplest thing in the world. Beyond the normal logistical problems that come along with trying to coordinate an event, you have to be concerned with the complexity added by having employees in different time zones.

Putting together a trivia game on your own can be a lot of work, too. You have to come up with sufficiently challenging questions that aren't so difficult that it's boring for your team. You also have to keep the entire event engaging and entertaining without getting off track.

If you're looking for a great way to bring everyone together, competitive games are a great option. You can use these as teambuilding activities, rewards for a job well done, or for virtual socials.

One of PizzaTime's remote experiences is Live Trivia, which comes in the form of classic bar-style trivia. If you and your team loved heading to the local pub for trivia night before you went remote, this is the perfect thing to continue the tradition from the comfort of your own homes.

Setting up a virtual experience with PizzaTime is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to schedule your remote Live Trivia event

7. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

If you want to create a true trivia experience for your team, consider playing Virtual Happy Hour Trivia. While you can always have everyone show up with their favorite beverage to play a standard trivia game remotely, why not make it official?

There are a number of happy hour services that will send your entire team beverages to accompany your virtual get-together. On top of that, you can find services that provide both a riveting trivia challenge as well as cocktail kits to ensure that everyone has the supplies they need to fully participate.

8. Random Trivia Generator

Are you looking for a simple way to play trivia in free moments with your team? Are you hoping this experience will be free? If so, you can check out Random Trivia Generator, one of the many trivia games for groups online that are free to play.

There are six categories to choose from when you play this trivia game, and you can keep coming back because they update the questions regularly.

You can play this together as a team by having one person host and share their screen with the rest of the team. This can be a fun, quick way for your team to start a meeting, or you can host an official social game night.

9. College-Themed Trivia

Is your team made up of fresh college grads, or are they merely young at heart? College-Themed Trivia is a way for your team to test their knowledge about the cutting edge of pop culture and prove that they aren't old and out of touch (yet). With questions about popular memes and whatever is generating buzz at the moment, this is a great option for a team of new employees in need of an icebreaker.

10. Travel Trivia

While working from home is awesome much of the time, it can leave us feeling a bit bored with being in the same environment all the time. Rather than playing a standard trivia game, why not host a travel trivia game that lets your whole team travel the world without leaving their desk?

Everyone on your team can select a Zoom background of their choice, whether it's of their favorite vacation destination or a location that's on their bucket list. One person might be playing from the incredible ruins of Tikal, while someone else might be sitting in a Parisian cafe.

You can either come up with the trivia questions yourself or find travel trivia questions online.

Questions like "Which country is made up of 180,000 islands?" and "What is Europe's most mountainous country?" will rile up both the competitive spirit and wanderlust in your team, ensuring that a good time will be had by all.

11. The 80s Game

Is your team mostly made up of 80s babies? Do conversations constantly break into scuffles over whether Metallica or AC/DC ultimately rules? If this is the case, you might channel that competitive energy into an 80s-themed trivia game.

One virtual trivia game offered by Weve is humorously set in a mall where there are different challenges inside each store. Your team members can hang out in the arcade, finish lines from iconic 80s films, and test their knowledge about the decade that Gen X came of age.

12. Queendom

Are you and your team true trivia junkies? Is your biggest problem that you can't source new trivia questions fast enough? If this is the case, you'll want to check out the massive archive at Queendom with tests, quizzes, polls, and more.

With a Trivia section that has tons of categories and subcategories, you can find all the trivia games you could ever want here. The categories range from Greek mythology and American history to famous couples and food.

13. Water Cooler Trivia

One of the things that people seem to miss most about working in the office is the little opportunities to chat throughout the day with coworkers. The water cooler has become a symbol of the laid-back chit-chat that happens between teams during breaks, and Water Cooler Trivia attempts to recreate this aspect of the office.

Rather than one virtual event, Water Cooler trivia is sent straight to everyone's inbox every week. There is a deadline for responding to the trivia questions, and then everyone gets to take a look at the scorecards, leaderboard, and funny superlative awards.

This is a great way to cultivate fascinating conversations between your team at your next Zoom meeting or social. Sometimes, everyone just needs a little inspiration to really start connecting with one another.

14. Trivia Murder Party

Offered by Jackbox Games, Trivia Murder Party is a trivia game that gives players an additional incentive to provide the correct answers to trivia questions. When your team member gets a question wrong, they end up in a place disturbingly called "The Killing Floor," where they duke it out with other players. At the end of this battle, some will survive, and some will become ghosts.

You can play this game on Zoom by having the host share their screen with the rest of their team.

15. Music-Themed Trivia Game

Does your entire team seem to spend all of their free time rifling through bins at the local record store? Is music a central part of their lives? If so, you can play music-focused trivia that will be engaging and fun for everyone.

Confetti offers a music trivia activity known as Boom Box that is specifically designed for tech-savvy teams so they can test their music knowledge and recognition. Focusing on popular music from famous American artists, this live trivia show is broken down into six different rounds. Through five write-in rounds and one buzz-in round, team members can go head to head on who knows the most about bands in the U.S.

16. Quizmaker

While trivia about pop culture, history, and geography can be a ton of fun, that doesn't mean you should relegate trivia games to non-work categories. If you want to test your team's knowledge about your industry or organization, you can use Quizmaker to customize quizzes to fit their specific team.

17. Knockout Trivia

This virtual trivia game will really get the competitive spirit brewing on your team. Each player needs to guess correctly when presented with trivia questions. Otherwise, they get knocked out.

One of the cool things about this particular game is that you get to create your own trivia league. This means that you get your own website and everything that hosts your league. 

18. GameApart

Leaders of remote teams have been learning just how effective games are at fostering communication and teamwork. With a number of fun games like Fluster, Charty Party, and games inspired by Cards Against Humanity, you can connect with your team on Zoom and play a riveting game together once you're all logged into the platform.

19. GeoGuesser

Whether your team is made up of geographically-inept homebodies or seasoned world travelers, GeoGuesser is a super fun geography game. During the game, you are virtually dropped somewhere in the world in a street view panorama.

Your mission? To discover clues that help you guess where you are in the world. Though it's not exactly a classic trivia game, you'll find that your team learns a ton and has a blast, just like they would with pub trivia.

20. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire premiered around the same time that everyone was talking about Y2K and the millennium bug. With a relatively simple structure, you can easily create a WWTBAM-style show on your own and play with your team through Zoom.

What you'll need to do is create a series of fifteen increasingly difficult questions, each of which has four possible answers. Of course, you'll want to include some of the most memorable features of the TV show– the "lifelines." While more lifelines were introduced over the years, a classic choice would be to incorporate the original lifelines, which were 50:50, phone a friend, and ask the audience.

Is All This Talk of Trivia Making You Hungry?

Of course, you'll probably want to make sure that your team is well fed during your trivia event. Whether you're playing trivia as a mid-day lunch break or for a social hour after work, your team needs to fuel their brains in order to be on the top of their game.

Sending food to all of your remote employees is a logistically complex task. That's why we created PizzaTime, so you and your team can enjoy a delicious meal together regardless of how far apart you are.

Are a trivia game and pizza party exactly what the doctor ordered? Let us organize a pizza party for you.

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