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The Ultimate List of Virtual Game Activities for Large Groups

January 6, 2023

One of the major challenges of managing a remote team is bringing everyone together and creating a feeling of camaraderie despite not being physically in the same space. This can be particularly difficult when you're trying to build a bond between a large team sprinkled all over the globe.‍ What can you do about that? How can you replicate the experience of fun group activities remotely?‍ This list explores some of the best virtual game activities for large groups. It's all here– from live trivia and charades to virtual escape rooms and radio bingo, you'll certainly find something that fits the bill!

One of the major challenges of managing a remote team is bringing everyone together and creating a feeling of camaraderie despite not being physically in the same space. This can be particularly difficult when you're trying to build a bond between a large team sprinkled all over the globe.

What can you do about that? How can you replicate the experience of fun group activities remotely?

This list explores some of the best virtual game activities for large groups. It's all here– from live trivia and charades to virtual escape rooms and radio bingo, you'll certainly find something that fits the bill!

Virtual Escape Room

If you're looking to play a fun virtual game with your team that also helps boost camaraderie, problem-solving skills, and morale, search no further than a virtual escape room experience.

This is one of the best ways to bring your whole team together no matter where they physically are on the globe. During a virtual escape room experience, everyone will have to work together as a team to overcome challenges and escape within a set period.

There are actually tons of benefits to escape rooms for your team, both professionally and personally. Not only can it help improve problem-solving and communication, but it can also boost memory and productivity. On top of that, it strengthens the relationship between your entire team in a way that will have a noticeable impact on team morale in the weeks after your experience.

Escape rooms are also awesome stress relievers and mood boosters. If your team has been through some trying times recently, this might be the perfect way to blow off some steam.

Of course, your team is going to be hungry, thirsty, and ready to recap their experience with their coworkers. This makes it ideal for pairing with a pizza party and some post-work beverages.


Did you know that charades originated in France all the way back in the 16th century? A time-tested way to have a good time, charades is a classic game that is great for large virtual groups.

To play, break the group into at least two teams and have team members take turns being given a word secretly that they'll need to act out. In short, they'll have to communicate to the people on their team the word they've been given without saying a word.

You can either come up with your own list of charades prompts or use an online charades generator beforehand. When setting up your video conferencing software, you'll want to ensure that each round's performer appears in the largest central position instead of one of many squares in the gallery view.

Radio Bingo

Radio Bingo is a fantastic virtual game that will get your team's competitive juices flowing while also bringing everyone together. Whether you want to incorporate a fun game into your virtual social event, break up a day of meetings with a palette-cleansing game, or reward your team for a job well-done, Radio Bingo won't disappoint.

If you aren't familiar with Radio Bingo, it's a simple yet thrilling game made up of several rounds. At the beginning of each round, the host announces a category, and each player pulls up the card for the category. The host will then play different songs for fifteen seconds each, and the playlist keeps on going until someone gets Bingo.

If you have a team full of music lovers, this is a really fun game that boosts morale and lights the fire of healthy competition.

Read My Lips

Looking for a fun game for large groups that focuses on problem-solving and teamwork? Look no further than Read My Lips.

The objective of this activity is, as you may have guessed, to correctly identify the words a player is saying only by reading their lips.

In order to play this game, here's what you'll need to do:

  • Pick a team member that will be the host for the game.

  • Have the host choose a word for the first player to say.

  • The host then uses chat to privately share the secret word with the first player.

  • The first player mutes their mic and says the word out loud on camera.

  • Start a one-minute timer.

  • Let the other team members try and guess the secret word by only reading their lips.

  • Play for as many rounds as you need to so that each player has a turn.

The person deemed the winner is the person that gets the most correct guesses. This is a really great game for any video conferencing platform that doesn't take a lot of pre-planning or organization.

Music DJ

We all know that music is an essential part of any fun gathering, but did you know that some researchers believe that the whole reason music was developed by humans in the first place was to bring communities together?

Whether playing a game with your team, having a social hour, or doing some late-night training, having a virtual music DJ can take the pressure off of you when creating and executing a playlist. Rather than worrying about whether everyone is vibing with the tunes, you can sit back, relax, and participate in the event.


GeoGuesser is a fun game that basically takes your team on a tour of the world without them even having to change out of their PJ pants. In this game, the large group is split up into smaller teams and then dropped (virtually, of course) in a random spot on Google Maps. It's then up to them to determine where in the world they are.

This is a great game to sharpen those problem-solving and cognitive skills, as people can use things like road signs, license plates, geological features, climate type, and other geographic indicators to try and figure out where they are.

The game uses a point system where the team that pins their location the closest to where they were dropped on the map gets the most points.

Mini-Games Triathlon

Another great virtual game for large groups is a mini-games triathlon. In this activity, the group is split up into breakout rooms where they answer as many questions as possible. Complete with professional entertainers to host the event, you can rest assured that this will be a high-energy and engaging event.

There are three fun game night rounds that are a part of the mini-games triathlon. The first is a round of Survey Says (inspired by Family-Feud,), the second is a mind-bending Word Puzzler game, and the third is an intense and fast-paced online Scavenger Hunt.

It can be difficult to keep the whole team interested when you're dealing with a large virtual group, but that won't be a problem at all with this thrilling event. 


Scattergories is a classic board game that is fun for big groups, so it's no surprise it's been transformed into a digital experience as well.

If you and your team are going to play, you'll want to have a paper and pen nearby or a notes app. You can either choose to have your team all download the official Scattergories app, or you can create your own categories list.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

We all have fond memories of scavenger hunts as children, so why not bring some of that positive energy to your next meeting or social?

In order to play, you'll want to put a list together ahead of time of objects that people have to find in their own homes. Of course, you'll want to choose things that are fairly common but not too obvious so there is a healthy balance between difficulty and achievability. For each item, assign a number of points based on where they fall on the common to eccentric scale.

Once you start up your video conferencing software and the team has gathered, you can share your screen so they all know what items they are looking for. The team members will then each individually go off and find the right objects and bring them back to their desks. Give them a time limit (say, five minutes) to gather all of their items to give the whole activity a bit more energy.

Once everyone has returned, the players can go through all the items they found and add their points.

Once the scores are tallied, whoever has the most points wins!

Stand-Up Comedian

Whoever first said that laughter is the best medicine was certainly onto something. Research has found that laughing can boost the immune system, burn calories, protect the heart, diffuse anger and conflict, and relax the whole body. If you're looking for a way to reward your team for a job well-done after things have gotten a bit stressful, a virtual stand-up comedian might be just what the doctor ordered.

Even though a comedy show is a great idea for a large virtual team, planning out the event can be a big stressor for you. That's why we've created our stand-up comedian virtual experience that's perfect for a team celebration, virtual happy hour, or even your next meeting.

Can You Hear Me Now

An excellent game for large groups, Can You Hear Me Now involves one person describing an item only with words while the rest of the group has to try and draw what they are describing.

This activity helps to promote participation and active listening, so it can be a great addition to group meetings to kick things off.

In order to play, you'll want to assign one person as a team leader and one person the role of speaker. Everyone else will then be the artists.

The speaker will choose an item that they keep secret from everyone else and then describe it using only shapes. Everyone will then do their best to draw what the speaker is describing. As you might imagine, some pretty funny outcomes can occur, and hilarity inevitably ensues.

Live Trivia

Is there a person on earth that doesn't love playing trivia? Trivia is a game that awakens the healthy competitive spirit in even the shyest team members while helping to improve problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills. Beyond that, it's also awesome for bringing people together, which is always a challenge when it comes to managing remote teams.

If you're looking for the perfect bonding experience for your distributed team, look no further than virtual live trivia. This is a spectacular opportunity for your team to show off all the little bits of knowledge they've picked up, create memorable moments together, and sharpen their mental abilities.

Cribs Quiz

Even if your team is made up of people that are too young to feel nostalgic for MTV Cribs, they'll still have a blast in this game inspired by the MTV reality show that showcased the private homes of celebrities during the first decade of the new millennium.

In this game, all of your participants will send in a picture from their home, and everyone else will have to guess who it belongs to. The person who is able to match up the right crib with the right person the greatest number of times is the winner.

Is Your Team Looking Hungry After All That Fun?

When you treat your team to any of these virtual group activities, you'll find that any looming issues relating to isolation and loneliness associated with remote work quickly melt away. Your team needs to engage in some fun games and activities in order to get to know each other better and feel a part of the team, and any of the games on our list will certainly get the job done.

No matter what event you're planning for your team, there's rarely an occasion where some good grub isn't appreciated. When you're putting on fun virtual game activities for large groups, you'll find that all of that team-building, bonding, and laughter pairs perfectly with a delicious meal.

At PizzaTime, we organize coffee breaks, lunches, pizza parties, and virtual socials for remote teams around the globe. No matter what time of day your team is getting together, we're here to make sure that everyone is well-fueled and ready to go!

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