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The best way to organize LUNCH for your remote team.

Have you ever wanted to host a lunch across a bunch of wildly different locations? Now you can! Host a lunch “break” (party) for your team, no matter where they are; you tell us when and we’ll take care of the rest.

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HOW it works




Pick a date and let us know how many people you expect.

Once you’ve paid, we’ll take care of the rest. Share the order link with your team and our magic Lunch Bots will take care of organizing a time and placing all of your orders.

Grab your team and let them place their orders.

Once you’ve started a party, we’ll give you a personalized order link to share with your team or drop in Slack. Each of your teammates gets to pick their own lunch preferences, along with an optional drink.

Deliveries will be coordinated for everyone, by magic.

Our Lunch Bots have placed your orders and sent a party invite. All you need to do is show up. Everyone who ordered will get an invite with a link to join the party. On party day, join the video chat and wait for lunch to magically show up.


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Try something new together

We are trying something new at Lunchtime with the introduction of our new Experiences. We've made it even easier for distributed teams to spend quality downtime together, wherever they may be.

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It's party time

Let's get this party started

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Have questions?


You probably have a lot of questions. That’s too bad because we decided we only wanted to answer some of them. Cross your fingers and hope we answered yours?

What if my Lunch wasn't delivered?

If you never got your lunch, please contact us at lunch@pizzatime.xyz the day of your event to get resolution. We will have limited options to replace or refund if contacted after the day of the event.

What countries are available?

Lunchtime is only available within the United States and Canada right now. We're hoping to expand it to other countries soon.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Unless you want to come down to our office and give us cash, then yeah, you’re going to need to pay with a credit card. See the pricing above.

How do you find a time for the party?

You can specify a time you’d like for the party. If you don’t, we find a time that works for everyone between 9 am and 5 pm for each person in their respective time zone.

How many people can I have at my party?

We do our best to process parties of all sizes. However, for truly large groups (75+) we have increased service costs. You can contact us for the pricing, or place the order and we’ll reach out to you to coordinate.

What if my order wasn't delivered?

We do our best to track and ensure every order is delivered. If you don’t get your order, you’ll need to call the restaurant it was ordered from (we don’t make the food ourselves—we’re terrible chefs). We can give you the name of the place so you can contact them about your order.

I have a complaint about my order.


What if I don’t like the options?

As we try our best to ensure availability we are limited to a small number of potential lunch options. We apologize that your favorites aren't on the menu.

This is stupid.

Maybe! But who cares! It’s fun!