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How to Host a Virtual Pizza Party

Interested in hosting a virtual pizza party? Here’s how it’s done. If you lead a remote team, are planning a big company event, or are planning a virtual conference, you might be interested in organizing a virtual pizza party.

Order Pizza

Pizzatime can help! We created Pizzatime for our own remote team in 2019 because we were looking for a way to enjoy a shared celebration, remotely. Since then, we’ve ordered hundreds of pizzas for teams around the world.

Pizzatime is perfect for remote conferences, employee rewards, lunch and learns, product launches, holiday parties, or all hands meetings. But the occasion doesn’t have to be a celebration; pizza is also the perfect antidote for a full day of sprint planning or a stacked interview schedule.

Whether your team is spread across the country or around the world, our concierge team can handle parties of all sizes and any situation. For international teams, we do our best to find local delivery options.

If we can’t find local delivery, or if our payment methods don’t work, we’ll make sure your employee gets cash to order their own pizza.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Pizza Party

There are a few things you can do to ensure your virtual party goes off without a hitch:

Plan in Advance

While we can usually accommodate a party with 24 hours notice, planning in advance is a great way to build some hype and increase your team’s participation and engagement. Plus, planning in advance gives your team something to look forward to!

Schedule Some Activities

If your main event is work-related, you may not have time for additional activities.

But if your virtual pizza party is a celebration, think about planning some fun activities for the group. These could be as simple as icebreaker activities, a group game, or a few jokes.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your party, we can help! Choose from our Virtual Experiences options which include a stand-up comedian, live trivia, a DJ, radio bingo, or even a group yoga session. (Yoga AND Pizza? Name a more iconic duo.)

The easiest way to organize a pizza party for your remote team. We handle all the logistics so that you can enjoy some pizza with your friends and co-workers, no matter where in the world they are.

Snap a Pic!

When the day of your party finally arrives, you may be so excited to eat your pizza, you forget everything else. That would be understandable. But don’t forget to take a second and snap a screenshot pic of your team enjoying their slices— you’ll be glad you did. It goes a long way in generating FOMO among your co-workers who didn’t get a pizza party. And isn’t that the goal?

It's party time

Let's get this party started

Order a Pizza Party

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for our event today, I can't imagine how you guys make it all happen! Our team members were so impressed with the idea and how cool it was we could all eat pizza together from our own homes!"

Lydia, Sr. HR Manager


Have questions?


You probably have a lot of questions. That’s too bad because we decided we only wanted to answer some of them. Cross your fingers and hope we answered yours?

What if my pizza wasn't delivered?

If you never got your pizza or something was wrong with it, please contact us at the day of your event to get resolution. We will have limited options to replace or refund if contacted after the day of the event.

What countries are available?

We will attempt to place orders in any country and location! Obviously, we may fail if there isn’t a pizza place that will deliver, or if we have trouble placing the order for some reason (such as not accepting our credit card). In those cases, we’ll send a gift card to your teammate to get their own pizza, if possible (some countries excepted).

Can I pay with a credit card?

Unless you want to come down to our office and give us cash, then yeah, you’re going to need to pay with a credit card.

What size pizza do you order?

We order “personal-sized” or “small” pizzas unless otherwise requested.

How many people can I have at my party?

We do our best to process parties of all sizes however for truly large groups (75+) we may have to increase the service cost slightly. We will reach out to you in these rare cases.

I have a complaint about my pizza.


What if I don’t eat cheese/meat/bread/sauce/etc?

Put it in your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Of course, if your local pizza places only serve meat pizza…you might want to move.

This is stupid.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my chewing.